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January 24, 2009


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Oh my goodness...I think I'd cry at the first sunrise since November! :) I miss the sun even when it's cloudy for just one week.

Thanks for the 2 very cool and very beautiful photos!

Robert V Sobczak

Talk about shades of white! Fascinating scenery, and sunglass territory if I ever saw it ... (although probably more so during the summer).

Michelle Turner

How beautiful!!!


Hi there!

Robert, yes it is alot of white! Sunglass season is upon us, in fact we all got ours out the day the sun came back. The sun reflects off all the snow and is nearly blinding. Probably similar to the white sandy beaches and ocean in Florida! No trees or mountains or tall buildings to block the brightness. The eskimos would carve sunglasses out of wood or bone or ivory- cutting very small slits in the eye part to see out of...sunglasses of some sort are definately a requirement in spring before the snow melts.

Marisa and Creative Thursday

Beautiful Annie! You live in such an amazing place ~ I also love the illustration in your blog header ~ gorgeous. happy new year to you!


Such beauty, I am in awe!
Thank you for sharing this,

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