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November 19, 2010


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Its beautiful and frightening all at the same time! Im freaked out by the idea of snow storms. :}

Tracy Bishop

This snow storm piece is AMAZING. Its so moody and so alive. Its full of motion. I really like your recent work with gouache. Are you experimenting with it?


Thank you both!Yes, I guess I am experimenting a little. Searching for the right technique. :)


Dear Annie, I feeling bad that I couldnt send you all the things I wanted this year. 2010 was not the best for me but I really hope this new year I could be better with my health and could finally send you my gifts. Send you a warm hug to you and your family!!!! Happy new year!!!!

suzanne cabrera

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I want to do work like this...

Elaine Magliaro

Annie,I absolutely LOVE your painting!P.S. Happy New Year!

alicia Padrón

Ohhhhhhh.. it's beautiful Annie!! I love it. :o)

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